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The version 8.x of theDYMO software isn’t supporting the old format of the label definition files.
Unless you have the old software available you have to use the new label definion files (.label)
For legacy software such as VB6 there is a solution..
Write a .Net COM Class which you can download here.
You need to make a reference in VB6.
This COM class needs to registered on your systeem.
Don’t use regsvr32 but as administraor use regasm.exe which is locatied in %windir%\Microsoft.Net\Framework\vx.xxx.xxx\

Follow the instructions listed here below:
Unzip the project.
Copy dymo4vb6 to c:\windows\system32
Copy dym04vb6.dll to c:\windows\syswow64
Open as administrator the command prompt and type the following line:
%windir%\microsoft.net\framework\v4.0.30319\regasm c:\windows\syswow64\dym4vb6.dll  /tlb:c:\windows\system32\dymo4vb6.tlb  /codebase

In your VB6 project:
add a reference to the TLB in system32 and use the code listed here below.

Dim myLabel As New Dymo4VB6.DymoHelper
With myLabel
labeltemplatefullpath = “c:\test.label”  ‘make sure you have a test.label file on this location , an unc is also allowed.
.NameOfPrinter = “Dymo Labelwriter 450”
.aboid = “12345678”
.AboName = “John Doe”
.Adres = “JayStreet 11d”
.postcodeplaats = “1100354 New York City”
.Land = “Ameirca”
End With
If Not myLabel.PrintLabel() Then
MsgBox (“Something went wrong.”)
End If
Set myLabel = Nothing


‘good luck